Paget Gorman Signed Speech was originated by Sir Richard Paget in the 1930s and developed by Grace Paget and Dr Pierre Gorman. It is a grammatical sign system which reflects normal patterns of English and is used by many speech and language-impaired children, their parents, teachers, speech therapists and care staff.

The manual is the term given to a book containing all you need to know about PGSS.

It contains a fundamental principles section which deals with how to interpret the instructions given in the dictionary including a list of abbreviations used.

There are illustrations for all the basic signs and  standard hand postures.

There are appendices following the dictionary which deal with points of grammar that are signed.

The manual is physically a very large book and we are working on a redesign to save space and cost. Currently the manual is not available for purchase, but all the information is contained in this web site. Please look under the menu item 'HOW TO SIGN'.