All PGSS signs are made in front, or to the side, of the body between waist and head height. Facial expression is not involved.

The hands are held in set positions which are precisely described in words and illustrated by simple pictures. (Standard Hand Postures)

These 21 hand positions are combined and moved in specified ways to create all the signs.

The 37 basic signs should be learnt first as they are the basis for all other signs. (See 'Basic Signs')

The following notes may be helpful:
No.22 The POSITION hand. This sign is used to indicate place and all the prepositions are performed around it.
No. 28 The SURFACE hand. Many actions are performed on this hand, e.g. stand, run, sit, fall, write, do, etc.
No 31 The Time hand. Actions and concepts associated with TIME are performed here, e.g. day/night, mealtimes, today/tomorrow, fast/slow. It is also used to indicate past and future time.

Grammatical structures are described under menu item GRAMMAR.