Certificate information

The Certificate is the level at which the holders may introduce others to PGSS. The Certificate holder may examine candidates for First Award.

Information for candidates for the Certificate Examination.

This is an examination to demonstrate that the candidate has a thorough knowledge of Paget Gorman Signed Speech and is competent to use it on a daily basis.
The candidate will be fluent in all aspects of the examination including common affixes, punctuation, numbers and money.

What the candidate needs to learn:

1. Vocabulary list for certificate level. Standard Hand Postures (including the relationship between them and the other signs).
2. All the Basic Signs.
3. To use the above signs fluently and confidently in sentences containing a variety of grammatical structures.
4. To 'read' back signed sentences.
5. To interpret the instructions for simple unfamiliar new signs. (Learners are advised to practice initially with signs whose instructions begin with a SHP).

At the examination the candidate is required to:

1. Sign all Standard Hand Postures correctly.
2. Sign all Basic Signs correctly.
3. Prepare, in advance, a passage of about 50 words to sign with confidence.
4. Read a set of sentences signed by the examiner and write them down.
5. Sign a given set of sentences provided at the exam. (Ten minutes preparation allowed)
6. Read and accurately perform five unknown signs.


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