P.G.S.S. is a signing system which is particularly useful for pupils with speech, language and communication needs. It supports the acquisition of functional language by providing motor and visual channels to supplement auditory and spoken ones. A child who can make and see a sign will remember the word more easily than if he/she only hears it.

P.G.S.S. is logically and conceptually constructed around thirty-seven basic signs with additional grammatical elements. Whilst learning the signs the pupils are also learning about the structure of language itself.

Each word is spoken and signed at the same time and word order and sentence construction exactly correspond to spoken English.

Pupils are more likely to initiate communication and respond to others when their attempts to vocalise are supported by signing. If they become more intelligible as they grow older they will naturally drop the signing or will rely on electronic communication aids if their difficulties are more severe.

P.G.S.S. is mainly used at home in the family or in educational settings because it does not have the widespread coverage of British Sign Language which is used by a much larger deaf community.